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IBTI-NIBB Event: Value Chain of Waste and Bio-resources as Feedstocks

The BBSRSC Integrated Biorefining Research and Techology club (IBTI) and Networks in Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB), including the AD Network, Food Waste Network, Lignocelluloisic Biorefinery Network and Plants to Products, are hosting an event focussed on addressing issues with the value chain of waste and bio-resources as feedstocks. We will be discussing topics underpinning…

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Biorefinery Scoping workshop 20-21 April 2016, York

Topics discussed: Session 1: Why do we need lignocellulosic biorefineries and biofuels in the UK? Session 2: What feedstock? Session 3: What processes? Session 4: What markets? Session 5: How do we start?

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Early Career Researchers event: IB skills conference

LBNet  is contributing to a joint Networks IB skills conference for early career researchers which is being organised by Cogent SSC Ltd and will take place in Manchester on 18-19th May 2016. An outline of this event is available in IB Skills Conference First flyer and further details will be available shortly. If you are interested in attending,…

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2nd LBNet Challenge Landscape document: “Lignin Derivatives- Value Added Chemicals” Available now!

Processing lignin is challenging for a variety of reasons, and various chemical and biochemical routes are under investigation. However, it is poorly understood which of the substances that could be derived from lignin are useful to industry. The purpose of this work is therefore to provide a landscape analysis; identifying substances and materials produced by…

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1st LBNet Challenge Landscape document: “UK lignocellulosic feedstock resource” Available now!

The primary aim of this landscape document,  is to survey the potential for domestic supply of lignocellulosic feedstocks (woody non-food biomass) for biorefineries in the UK. This will enable an assessment of the current availability of domestic crop and forest residues, and dedicated biomass crops used in current feedstock supply chains, competing uses of these…

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2-Day Challenge Workshop “Valorisation of lignocellulosic polysaccharides” 4-5 November 2015. Registration closed

Apply to attend our free workshop to develop concepts and teams to take on our Grand Challenge in the area of “Valorisation of lignocellulosic polysaccharides”. Polysaccharides make up about 70% of lignocellulosic biomass and comprise cellulose microfibrils and hemicellulose. Cellulose has wide-ranging applications, in paper, films, textiles etc., and can provide a source of glucose…

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Early Career Researchers’ creativity workshop / 8-10 July 2015.

The focus of this 3-day Early Career Workshop is: ” Turning innovative ideas into bankable projects – How to develop project ideas and attract funding” If you are in the last year of your PhD or you are a postdoctoral researcher within 3 years of completing your PhD do not miss this opportunity to engage…

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