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LBNet/BBNet new report: “Plastics and the Bioeconomy” is now available!

This new report has been commissioned by LBNet, Phase I NIBB, and the newly awarded Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet) a phase II NIBB.

The report summarises:

  • The current status of compostable plastics
  • How the market for compostable plastics could grow
  • What  the most suitable biomass resources are that could be used as feedstock
  • How bio-plastics could contribute to targets for plastic packaging as set out by the UK Plastic Pact for 2025, along with a strategy for how this could be achieved.

The focus of this study is on consumer-based single-use packaging.

To access the report click on the following link: LBNet BBNet Plastics and the Bioeconomy Report Final issue 2

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