Apply to attend our free workshop to develop concepts and teams to take on our Grand Challenge in the area of “Valorisation of lignocellulosic polysaccharides”.

Polysaccharides make up about 70% of lignocellulosic biomass and comprise cellulose microfibrils and hemicellulose. Cellulose has wide-ranging applications, in paper, films, textiles etc., and can provide a source of glucose for fermentation. Hemicellulose comprises roughly half of the polysaccharides in lignocellulosic biomass, but fewer applications for these complex branched polymers have been developed. However, valuable markets exist for a range of other branched plant polysaccharides as thickeners and emulsifiers (pectins, and gums) in the food industry and as drilling and fracking fluids (galactomannans) in the petroleum industry, for example. The aim of this workshop is to explore the potential for creating value from the polysaccharides of woody plant biomass. The workshop aims to bring together participants from industry and academia to explore ways in which valuable new polysaccharide derived products may be produced.  Team up with partners from complimentary industries and leading researchers from academia to develop ideas for innovative processing routes.  Attendees will be encouraged to apply for up to £50,000 in proof of concept funding to explore ideas originating in the workshop.

Dates: 4-5 November 2015

Venue:  Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6PW (

Application deadline: 9th September 2015.

Registration closed!