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LBNet Funding opportunities

Proof of Concept funds

New funding Opportunity: IB Catalysts Seeding POC funding (up to £25,000 for POC projects).

BBSRC has awarded LBNet £100k from the Industrial Catalyst Seeding fund to support proof of concept projects. This call is for projects with budget requests of up to £25K that must be completed by February 28th 2018. For more information clik here

Project awarded: LBNet IB Catalyst Seeding POC _Project awarded2017_18

Call guidelines: LBNet Catalyst seeding POC funding Operational Guidelines

LBNet  Workshop leading to Proof of concept funds

A number of Grand Challenges will form topics for challenge workshops in the form of creativity sandpits. Applicants (up to 40 participants) will be asked to describe what they can bring to the workshop and to show evidence of their willingness and experience in working across disciplinary boundaries. The network will offer  pump-priming funds to multi-disciplinary teams that come up with new innovative ideas for tackling the challenge area.

Samdpit: LBNet proof of concept fund operational guidelines_May2015

LBNet proof of concept fund operational guidelines_Oct2017

LBNet-POC-fund-operational-guidelines_June 2016

 PoC funded by LBNet May 2016

BBSRC NIBB Business Interaction Vouchers  (BIV) / Open call

We offer vouchers (up to £10,000) to be used to encourage and support collaboration between academics and industrialists within the BBSRC NIBB framework. Sixteen have been awarded by LBNet so far –  read about them in BIV funded by LBNet Feb2018.  The collaboration can be any defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner. These vouchers are intended to help resource small confidence-building measures between an academic partner and an industrial based partner that are likely to lead to:

  • a longer-term relationship
  • improved interaction
  • new research technology transfer projects

Download an LBNet BIV Application Form LBNet BIV operational guidelines

BIV funded by LBNet Feb2018

LBNet Early Stage Career Fellowship (LBNET-ESCF)

The LBNet Early Stage Career Fellowship (LBNET-ESCF) will provide support for researchers wishing to undertake independent research in the area of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy applications using lignocellulosic biomass. The LBNET-ESCF will support the transition of early stage researchers to fully independent research leaders. Awards are for 12 months and it is expected that 2 fellowships will be awarded, each at a value of up to £75K.


  • Applicants should have a PhD or be expecting to have undergone successful PhD viva prior to 16 December 2016
  • Applicants should not exceed five years in active postdoctoral research employment prior to announcement of the awarded LBNET-ESCF(16 December 2016)
  • Applicants must have agreement from a BBSRC-eligible research organisation to host their fellowship for its duration


The LBNet ESCFellowship_operational guidelines

Consortium Building Meetings

We will encourage the formation of international consortia, led by UK coordinators, to develop proposals for major international funding opportunities such as Horizon 2020, ERA, G8 and similar programmes that align with the remit of LBNet. Such proactivity will widen the impact of the network into the international arena, increase the funding drawn down by UK groups and ensure that the UK is leading the way in this internationally competitive area. Download a Consortium Building Meeting Application form

External Funding opportunities

Horizon 2020 BBSRC (IB Catalyst, ERA-CAPS second call, IPA, etc )

Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network