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Events and activities: A Summary

LBNet Annual Symposia and Subject Workshops

There will be an annual symposium to address themes from the challenge areas identified by the network. The symposium will cut across discipline boundaries to bring perspectives around the challenge areas from plant scientists, biochemists, microbial scientists, chemists, chemical engineers, process engineers, modellers, economists, environmental scientists and policy-makers.

Past Conferences:

1st  LBNet International Conference: “Construction & Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass”. 17-19 February 2016, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, UK

2nd LBNet International Conference: “Challenges and Opportunities in Lignocellulosic Biorefining: Science, Policy and Economics”.  5-7 April 2017, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, UK

3rd LBNet International Conference: “Challenges and Opportunities in Lignocellulosic Biorefining: Feedstock, Technology and Products”. 16-18 May 2018, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, UK

4th LBNet International Conference. 20-22 March 2019, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, UK


Early Stage Researchers Career Workshop

To encourage talented early stage researchers (final year PhD students and researchers within 3 years of completing their PhDs) to work in the area of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy, we will run residential creativity workshops  involving professional facilitators working with mentors drawn from research and industry in the IBB space.


Desk-based value-chain evaluation and Challenge Landscape Documents

We will petition our membership to suggest topics for value-chain evaluation. Our aim is to identify promising or important areas that would benefit from a detailed evaluation. The aim of such evaluations will be to establish the potential of, for example, different sources of biomass to satisfy demand for particular products and processes in terms of volumes available, costs, dispersion of available sources and current competing uses of these materials.

The studies can include examination of challenges related to feedstock logistics, stability of supplies or potential for storage. Alternatively, studies can also be carried out into the potential market for new biomass derived products in terms of scale, economics and costs of competing products.The findings can be used to provide robust data to support proposals, or to identify bottlenecks that might be tackled through research.

During the course of the project we will tender for professional consultants to carry out desk-based studies of selected major challenge areas, to indicate their potential for commercial and environmental impacts in the UK and globally. As part of this process, the successful tenderer will be expected to organise a one day discussion workshop for network members to expand the scope of the document.

1st Landscape document “UK lignocellulosic feedstock resource”   Available in members Area

2nd Landscape document “Lignin Derivatives- Value Added Chemicals”  Available in members Area

3nd Landscape document “An assessment of the potential for the establishment of lignocellulosic biorefineries in the UK”  Available in members Area

 4nd Landscape document “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities “ Available in members Area

5th Landscape document “Plastics and the Bioeconomy Report” It will be available soon 

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