“Challenges and Opportunities in Lignocellulosic Biorefining: Science, Policy and Economics”

5-7 April 2017

Conference Programme

Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, UK

The meeting will start Wed 5th April at 12:00 with lunch (Registration from 11:00) and Kick-off at 13:00. It will finish Friday 7th April at 12:00

The meeting is divided into  sessions focussing on:

Biorefineries, biofuels and business

Biorefineries, economics and policy

High value products from lignocellulose biomass

Understanding and improving plant biomass

Enzymes and catalysis for biomass processing

Confirmed speakers:

Joel Stone, ConVerInce Advisers, USA

Kris Wadrop, CPI, UK

Tim Davies, Green Biologics, UK

Paul Henderson, BEIS, UK

Aaron Berry, dfT, UK

Ian Stanton, BBSRC

Pieter Bruijnincx, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Jason Hallett, Imperial College, UK

Rebecca Wood, Croda, UK

Simon Cragg, University of Portsmouth, UK

Harry Gilbert, Newcastle University, UK


Research funded by LBNet (POC/BIV)


Tim Bugg, University of Warwick

Grant Campbell, University if Huddersfield

Claire Halpin, University of Dundee

Neil Bruce, University of York

Keith Waldon, Institute of Food Research

John McGeehan, University of Portsmouth

Dhivya PuriFiberight Ltd

Leonardo Gomez, University of York

Simon McQueen-Mason, University of York

Paul Mines, Biome Technologies Plc

Session speakers will be chosen from poster abstracts submitted by those attending the meeting, and there will also be a number of invited speakers from the UK and abroad.

This is an international conference and you may be surprised to learn that attendance and accommodation is entirely free of charge. Attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. There are a limited number of places available for this meeting, so please be sure to apply early.

The meeting will be held at Shrigley Hall Hotel, a delightful hotel situated in the countryside within easy travelling distance from Manchester (http://shrigleyhall-pottshrigley.h-rez.com/)

The on-line application  deadline is February 24th 2017.

On-line registration is now close: https://lb-net.net/events/